98.6 Sound Blog

We've added a Tascam SS-200 Solid State Recorder and another JBL STX815M to our inventory. The STX815 completes our inventory goal for this model.

March thru June brought in a number of service/installations jobs for churches. Since installation projects are a small portion of what we do and can be very time consuming, we approach these on a case-by-case basis. 

This year starts with the addition of new LED lighting to the inventory. We had purposely kept lighting purchases to a minimum, but with just about everything getting smaller and more powerful, it was time to take a small leap into lighting world. Also added was more A/V gear, which included VGA distribution amps, a whole lot of VGA cable and other A/V gadgets. Though VGA is on its way out, it still has significant use in audiovisual productions.

We have added the Pioneer DDJ-SR DJ Controller to our inventory. We are finally transitioning from CD based music playback to laptop based. We did try it earlier with a more basic Numark unit as a test bed, it worked great. Unfortunately, loading all the music is quite the task. We have gotten a lot of our library loaded, but still more to go.

Happy New Year!

August marks the beginning of the end of summer and starts the process of kids returning to school. 98.6 Sound in collaboration with the Laurel Board of Trade and the City of Laurel initiated and sponsored the Back 2 School Jam. This event provides not only a fun time, but also free school supplies to the students of Laurel. The city is now in its 3rd year of the Back to School Jam. This year's entertainment was the always energetic Slagz Band from Baltimore, MD.