98.6 Sound is a veteran owned audio visual company located in Laurel, Maryland serving the Baltimore & Washington, D.C. metropolitan areas and the mid-Atlantic region since 2002. We offer services in sound reinforcement, public address systems, video production, DJ services, consultation and more! We support all types of productions and venues, including outdoor events.

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Some of our Clients
Bishop Melvin E. Blake, Jr.


I am the pastor of a very forward moving vision, a few years back I unfortunately lost my Audio & Visual Person!! Two of the things we at IHICM pride ourselves in is God Directed Word and an Awesome Music Ministry!! As mention previously, having lost our Sound guy we were in a fix to replace him and to make matters worse we were faced with an aging sound system.Our Lead Musician spoke to me one day and told me he had someone who could definitely tune our system to get the best we could out of it. Enter Garry Wilson and 98.6 Sound!! Man I couldn't believe the difference he made and the suggestions he provided us on the need to move forward with new equipment! What he recommended was for us to leave the analog and move to a digital system!! MAN!!! There is no mistaking that he moved us to the place where "every" ministry should go!!! I told and continue to tell everyone to call 98.6 Sound and let God work through the Favor He has placed on Garry to right their sound beyond their expectations!! Garry know that IHICM Loves You Much and Thank God our paths have joined!
Laveda Lovey Whitfield


When I think about quality, professionalism and ultimate sound, I think about 98.Sound. This team of professionals are one of the best vendors in the DC, Maryland and Virginia area. I had the pleasure of witnessing them work for various events which prompted me to hire Mr. Garry Wilson and crew for my event. In 2016, I launched my annual conference and needed the best in the industry to create an atmosphere of excellence through sound. Well 98.Sound delivered the perfect pitch, sound and balance for my event. I would recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a crew that will connect to their vision and run seamlessly. Thank you 98.Sound for 3 years of partnership.


Garry Wilson and his staff at 98.6 Sound is an absolute pleasure to work with! They always present on time in a professional, courteous and ready to deliver manner providing top-notch sound and service! 98.6 has accommodated all of my Sound & event layout needs with no problem and on budget! If I need a site visit to ensure my event needs are achievable, 98.6 Sound is there to handle it WITH me and there is never a problem. If I need a Plan B or recommendations of additional options for my vision...98.6 Sound to the rescue! If plans change, 98.6 Sound works with me to make my event a success. Garry & staff at 98.6 Sound make my event their event! It has truly, truly been a pleasure to do business with 98.6 Sound and I look forward to continuing our positive, working relationship.
Tyrone Gittens


98.6 Sound is an amazing company. I am a videographer. I have worked alongside 98.6 Sound at various events such as corporate functions, weddings and live band performances. 98.6 Sound has provided me good, clean, well blended audio, via a separate mix, onto my recording device which I will use during post edits to provide to my clients. They are very professional, courteous and cooperative with setting up the mix, making sure the audio levels are great throughout the event. I look forward to working with 98.6 Sound in the near future.