98.6 Sound Blog

March thru June brought in a number of service/installations jobs for churches. Since installation projects are a small portion of what we do and can be very time consuming, we approach these on a case-by-case basis. 

One such church was ready to expand the inputs to their mixer, however this would require the purchase of a larger mixer. Initially, they had settled on buying a 32 channel analog mixer. We highly suggested the benefits of purchasing a digital mixer instead. They went with our advice and recommendation of the Soundcraft Si Impact digital mixer. We handled the installation and made recommendations on microphones and direct boxes that they will purchase in the near future. The church is extremely happy with their new purchases, as are we.

Again we took care of production services for the city of Laurel's largest annual event, the Laurel Main Street Festival. This year's headliner was Laurel's own "the Legendary Cloud 9". In the last couple of  years, the jazz-fusion group has "blown up". They have already recorded their first album and have been on tour. The weather started out a little shaky as usual, but unlike the last few previuos years it quickly turned into a great day for the festival.