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Increases inventory of  condenser microphones; AKG C535, Audio Technica Pro 35, Audio Technica ATM710, Sennheiser SKM500-965 Wireless and another Shure KSM-137.
Adds the JBL STX812M monitor, joining the current inventory of STX815M and SRX712M monitors.

One of our staff visits SAE Institute in New York City to attend a free seminar on the Presonus StudioLive 32.4.2AI digital mixer. We own a couple of Presonus mixers and have been very happy with them, however ours are pre "AI". This gave us the opportunity to get a closer look at the "AI" features. We like the updated features, however we as so many others feel Presonus should have included motorized faders, recallable preamps and the ability to add a digital stagebox/snake. The motorized faders not being on the two smaller mixers is not much of a big deal IMO, but definetly a benefit for the 24 & 32 channel versions. When using the fader locate function, it's a little quirky. However, their IPad app is still one of the best.