98.6 Sound Blog

Our DoD contract with Noc Technologies has now cleared all requirements and been given all the internal tools/processes necessary to fully support the Air Force. We are now in our groove with this exciting contract. Certifications acquired for this contract: A+, CTS and CEV (Society of Broadcast Engineers).

EXCITING NEWS!!! 98.6 Sound has been brought on as a contractor with Noc Technologies in support of the Department of Defense for a 5 year multi-million dollar contract. 98.6 Sound will provide audiovisual engineering services at the Pentagon.

We've added a Tascam SS-200 Solid State Recorder and another JBL STX815M to our inventory. The STX815 completes our inventory goal for this model.

March thru June brought in a number of service/installations jobs for churches. Since installation projects are a small portion of what we do and can be very time consuming, we approach these on a case-by-case basis. 

This year starts with the addition of new LED lighting to the inventory. We had purposely kept lighting purchases to a minimum, but with just about everything getting smaller and more powerful, it was time to take a small leap into lighting world. Also added was more A/V gear, which included VGA distribution amps, a whole lot of VGA cable and other A/V gadgets. Though VGA is on its way out, it still has significant use in audiovisual productions.