98.6 Sound Blog

This year starts with the addition of new LED lighting to the inventory. We had purposely kept lighting purchases to a minimum, but with just about everything getting smaller and more powerful, it was time to take a small leap into lighting world. Also added was more A/V gear, which included VGA distribution amps, a whole lot of VGA cable and other A/V gadgets. Though VGA is on its way out, it still has significant use in audiovisual productions.

Again 98.6 Sound is selected as sound provider for the Maryland Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry national launch (convention), held at Martins' Crosswinds in Greenbelt, MD. Several launches were held throughout the country, Maryland being the largest. However, this year 98.6 Sound was tapped to cover the production of the entire event. This not only included sound, but lighting, video projection & media production, lighting and disc jockey services. Additionally, the Maryland launch welcomed CEO, Dr. Traci Lynn. It was an awesome event.