98.6 Sound Blog

During the past winter and spring months, we've been heavily engaged in vitural events utilizing Zoom, Microsoft Teams and the like. While things are getting better, we believe some of these process are here to stay.

As we enter into the summer season, events have slowly begun to come back. We were contacted this month to resume one our large events in July. The Catonsville 4th of July celebration has returned!  A few of our other prominent annuals are scheduled to resume in the upcoming months, things are looking up.

There hasn't been much reason to add to the inventory, however we did decide to add a set of JBL SRX835 speakers. The 835s will get their first usage at the Catonsville event.


Well it's the end of the year and 2020 is officially a bust. During the summer, things continued to go in the wrong direction. This plight continued right through the holiday season. In our industry, a few events were held, but the number of attendees were drastically reduced. A vaccine is promised for the new year, we'll see what happens. Fingers crossed!

As we entered 2020, we anticipated a great year. 2019 brought new clients and opportunities. We had a number of events lined up and then COVID-19 came on the scene. Beginning in April, as each week or so passed, another event would cancel. We all know how this virus has wreaked havoc with our economy and way of life. In our industry, which normally supports events with the gathering of people, it has been especially devastating.

Only time will tell what the future brings, we may have a totally new normal. We are making some adjustments to our services as it relates to audiovisual support. Virtual meetings are the norm now and may stay as a part of the norm. Hopefully, we will return to some level of social gatherings soon. When this happens, we will still be here to support you.



After receiving our certification Maryland’s MBE/DBE/SBE program, we initiated the process for Veteran Owned Small Business certification. 98.6 Sound was awarded the Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business certification.

2019 has started off with a bang! We have been approved for Maryland's Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Disadvantaged Business (DBE) and Small Business Enterprise (SBE) certification. This was a tall administrative task, but well worth the effort. In addition to the certs, we've registered with a significant number of counties and municipalities throughout Maryland, DC and Virginia.