98.6 Sound Blog

Welcomes the addition of the Soundcraft Performer 3 digital mixer and companion Stagebox 32. The Performer joins our Soundcraft Expression 2 as another update to our digital mixer inventory. Last year we retired our Yamaha LS9-32 after many years of excellent service.

After years of using the Shure SM57and then switching to the Audix i5 for micing guitar amps, we recently added the Sennheiser E609 and its big brother the E906. We now know why so many have switched to these microphones for micing up guitar amps.

Provided sound for one of our favorite singers, Maysa Leak formally of the England based Incognito R&B/Jazz band. First show for our STX812M monitors. They were used for the 3pc horn section in Maysa's opener Kevin Jackson and his 10pc band, providing a stellar performance. This was also the first use of our Sennheiser SKM500-965 wireless condenser microphone, the quality of this microphone was immediately noticeable. Awesome concert!

Expands our inventory to support audiovisual requirements. We now offer 3000 lumens HD projectors and an 8-input Analog Way seamless switcher for laptops & computers using VGA connections.

98.6 Sound is selected as Maryland's sound provider for Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry's first national launch (convention). Several launches were held throughout the country, Maryland being the largest.